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彼女は幸せだった ☯

shutup and smile so you can see how beautiful life is

Introducing Me

✿ — Lauren Nicole • Thirteen (7/17/99) • African-American/Mexican

♥ — jpop, dancing, singing, derping around, violin, videogames, painting, abstract drawings, jrock, kpop, eating, mario & luigi, disney, animanga, baking, the smell of strawberries, gyoza, dramas, reading, writing, all my biases, graphic design, soccer, coloring, straight lines & squiggly lines, sour patch kids, smiling, bacon in the morning, sunshine, double parkas, seeing others laugh, being derpy, food, handmade gifts, candy, breakfast tacos, starbucks, laughing, disney movies, sleeping, electronics, cooking, amusement parks, the smell of home-made cake, max’s screams, vintage clocks, waffurs/waffles, that explosion feeling, when the moon looks like a toenail, hugs, stuffed animals.


♪ — SHINee, Arashi, Hey!Say!JUMP, DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ, S/mileage, JJ Project, BoA, Tegomassu, MBLAQ, BIG BANG, Korn, 2NE1, Radwimps, S/mileage, BoyFriend, Block B, Utada Hikaru, Kis-my-ft2, AAA, SuG, KAT-TUN, KARA, F(x), Exist Trace, SECRET, B2ST, Alan, Super Junior, Chiodos, 4Minute, 10cm, FLOW, Kanon Wakeshima, B1A4, Morning Musume, EXO, Jack’s Mannequin, Perfume, ONE OK ROCK, SISTAR, Hee Young, CNBLUE, FTIsland, Tokyo Jihen, Coldplay, K.Will, Kanjani8, U-Kiss, SE7EN, Tablo, Johnny Juniors, F.T Island.

늘 그 자리에 있어 날 지켜줘서. 늘 내가 받을 비난 대신해서. 아무 말도 없이 날 감싸준 네 모습을 이젠. 내가 거울처럼 비추려 해.
[Because you've always been there to protect me. Because, you've taken the criticism that I should've received instead. You have shielded me without a word. And now, I will reflect you like a mirror. ] - Honesty/SHINee

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IDK my BFF is Ninomiya Kazunari?
No Minwoo is legally mine
I got married to Sato Shori on November 27th 2011 ♥
Ryutaro Morimoto is my soulmate
Monkey D. Luffy is my boyfriend